ArmBros Studio

Detail Oriented

With Growth Driven Design, we launch quickly and continually adjust to improve the website based off of user data.

Website for every taste

An easy to navigate, logical page structure helps your users, and the search engines find what they are looking for.

Mobile Friendly

All of our websites are developed to look, and perform beautifully on every device your users are viewing it from.

Quality Media

We design, develop and optimise websites for some of the fastest growing brands on the planet.

Browser Support

Our web developers will create the actual website and test its functionality across multiple browsers.


Establishing a business online requires every bit the investment, determination, and planning of opening a brick & mortar retail location.

DBZ Game

Based on flappybird game with javascript


Simple Calculator

Somple Calculator with nice design


A.I. Car Game

This is 2D game that is programmed based on neuron system and its self learning A.I. Game computer is playing and getting better at it.


Coming Soon

Some Description


Coming Soon

Some Description


Coming Soon

Some Description


Coming Soon

Some Description


Coming Soon

Some Description


Armen Nagapetian

founder CEO

Arm Bros studio founder, who started with first software based on windows in 2012. after launch it was quickly getting popular at the time before .net was dismantled and Arm Bros studio stopped the projects due to servers ware stopped from our partners but still in the industry since 2012 with various projects.


Arman Nagapetian

Project Manager

Full Stack Software and Web Developer at wiv-isp Sint-Niklaas Nieuwkerken-Waas, Flanders, Belgium.


Ruth Woods

Marketing Manager

Responsible for national and international online and offline marketing projects from strategical planning to evaluation. From research data analysis to website design till newsletter marketing I coordinate one team of developers, graphic designers and other professionals to reach the highest possible outcome from the communication campaigns.


Elien Vandenbergen


Responsible for dealer network in BeLux (63 dealers): general communication & tailor made communication. Consultancy role in local communication planning & media selection.

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